Congrats Jack and Josh!

  • Posted on: 22 June 2017
  • By: alfven

Congratulations to our two seniors Jack Hollingsworth and Josh Umansky-Castro for completing their degree!

Both of them worked in the steel tank, on Lorentz Force Accelerators. Josh designed and built a video pod that would withstand the extreme environment (vacuum, plasma, high-temperature, lithium vapor) in the tank during operation of the Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator (LiLFA). The video feed will provide high-quality video of the lithium MPD discharge. Jack performed structural and thermal FEM analysis of the Argon Lorentz Force Accelerator (ALFA), and manufactured the ALFA. He also performed evaporation measurements of the lanthanum hexaboride insert in the graphite hollow cathode after operating the MPD thruster.

Their senior thesis may be found here: