Edgar Choueiri

Edgar Choueiri is Chief Scientist and Director at Princeton University's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Lab (EPPDyL). He is tenured Professor in the Applied Physics Group at the MAE Department and Associated Faculty at the Astrophysical Sciences Department/Program in Plasma Physics. He is also Director of the Engineering Physics Program at Princeton . He holds a PhD in Plasma Science (1991) from Princeton University. Prof. Choueiri is the author of numerous papers on plasma physics, instabilities and turbulence in collisional plasmas, plasma accelerator modeling, space physics and applied mathematics.

Professor Choueiri is the author of more than 140 journal articles, conference papers and encyclopedia articles on advanced space propulsion, plasma physics, instabilities and turbulence in collisional plasmas, plasma accelerator propulsion, space physics and applied mathematics. He has been an invited speaker on more than 50 occasions at symposia and leading institutions in the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Poland, Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Brazil and many countries in Western Europe. He was Chair of AIAA's Electric Propulsion Technical Committee (EPTC) from 2002 to 2004 and is the present President of the Electric Rocket Propulsion Society, whose members include hundreds of scientists working on plasma propulsion for spacecraft in more than 15 countries. He is currently Principal Investigator (PI) on three government-funded research projects at EPPDyL, was the PI on more than 25 research projects funded by NASA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the National Science Foundation, and has been PI and Co-PI on two space experiments and was selected by NASA in 2004 to lead a team of NASA and academic researchers on a 3-year project to develop a high-power plasma rocket system for the robotic and human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

He has advised more than a hundred students at Princeton University, currently advises 6 PhD students, and has graduated 10 PhD students, 8 of whom are currently working as research scientists in plasma physics or space propulsion.

He has developed new courses at Princeton in astronautics, applied physics and advanced space propulsion.

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