EPPDyL has a strong history of plasma diagnostics through both direct and indirect methods. The lab has the following capabilities:


  • Langmuir probes (single, double, triple)
  • Emissive probes
  • Faraday cups
  • Mach probes
  • B-dot probes
  • Retarding Probe Analyzer (RPA)
  • Rogowski coils
Probes are usually built by hand for a given experiment

Light and Spectroscopy

  • Visible-spectrum spectrometer (400-800 nm)
  • SPEX 1702/1704 spectrometer (0-15000 Angstroms)
  • Laser-Induced Fluorescence for Argon gas
  • Princeton Instruments CCD Camera
  • Leeds and Northrup 8620-series Optical Pyrometer
  • Multispec MSTI-04V Thermo Imager
  • CO2 Spectrum Analyzer 16-A


  • HP 8757A Vector Network Analyzer
  • HP 8553B Spectrum Analyzer
  • HP 438A Power Meter
  • MFJ HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer
  • X-band microwave reflectometry
  • Mini-circuits power meters
  • Pearson coils

Additional diagnostics

  • Lakeshore 425 Gaussmeter
  • Residual gas analyzer (QMS200 Prisma, MKS Vac-Check, UTI 100C)
  • Various oscilloscopes (up to 1M-points resolution)